Manna For Thought
Improvising Trio

Nora McCarthy – voice
Dom Minasi – guitar
Ras Moshe – tenor saxophone

A group of masterful improvising musicians who delve into the immediacy of now with an artful array of free open structured pieces, skillfully notated and arranged compositions, rearrangements of classical jazz and blues music laced with original thought provoking tone poetry that is metaphorical, spiritual and allegorical. Their experimental approach and intuitive interplay is a thrilling aural delight intriguing and marvelous to witness.

“…McCarthy is a fearless singer who deftly refuses to be categorized as she explores personalized means for expressing ideas; she travels infrequently heard avenues for exploring thought and adapts vocal technique to fit the circumstances of her message.” Bill Donaldson, Jazz Improv New York

“…Dom Minasi is a six string Cecil Taylor.” David Adler, All About Jazz New York

“…Saxophonist Ras Moshe is on the forefront of musicians keeping avant-garde jazz urgent and vital.” Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz New Yor