The Vampire's Revenge

2006 CDM Records

Disc 1
1. The Seduction
2. Who's Your Dentist?
3. Just One More Bite
4. The Transformation
5. The Dark Side
6. The First Day
Disc 2

1. Blood Lust
2. The Hunt
3. Where You Gonna' Go? Where You Gonna' Hide?
4. The Vampire's Revenge

Dom Minasi guitar, Ken Filiano bass, Jackson Krall drums, Perry Robinson clarinet, Joe Giardullo soprano sax, Jason Kao Hwang violin, Tomas Urlichcello, Carol Mennie voice, John Guntherreeds, Herb Robertson trumpet, Steve Swell trombone, Francois Grillot bass, Ras Moche reeds, Matthew Shipp piano, Mark Whitecage alto sax, Borah Bergman piano, Joe McPhee tenor sax, Paul Smoker flugelhorn, Sabir Mateen tenor sax, Blaise Siwula alto sax, Peter Ratray recitative and Byron Olsen conductor

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“Pulitzer Prize material...triumphant…astonishing..”

Jochem van Dijk
All about Jazz

Produced by Dom Minasi
Recorded by Jon Rosenberg at The Studio, NYC on May 12, September 20, October 7 and 16, 2005 and at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY on JUne 12, 2005

"This was my biggest project to date. It took an enormous amount of work, but the reward of hearing my music played by the 'best of the best' is tenfold."