Me Myself And I
Dom Minasi

2022 Unseen Rain Records

1. Samba De Domingo 4:49
2. Brown Eyes 6:42
3. Gentle 7:07
4. Inside Out 6:47
5. The Color of Her Eyes Are Gray
6. Angela 5:09
7. Be Op Be Op Be Ah 6:26
8. Ballad for Caro 6:23
9. Sometime Samba 5:34

Dom Minasi-Takamine 6 sting and 12 string guitars

Produced by Jack DeSalvo and Dom Minasi

All music by Dom Minasi, Dom Minasi Pub. ASCAP

Dom Minasi - 6 and 12-string guitars

Originally recorded March 2005
Re-Mastered: October 2021
Recording Studio: Musecat Recording Studio in New York City
Recording and mastering Engineer: Marty Dunayer

Sometime during the early part of 2000, I thought it would be a good idea to lay down some tracks of my tunes. I also decided to use my acoustic guitars. My Takamine 6 sting and 12 string guitars. Since I was able to play bass lines and rhythm at the same time, the recording became Me Myself and I.

I called my friend Marty Dunayer, who owns Musecat Recording Studios, and explained what I wanted to do. We set a date and the first hour I recorded the rhythm parts and in hour two, I recorded the melody and the improvisations. My biggest concern was that the time stayed constant. It was not an easy thing to do, but fortunately I did it. it. I also thought you seldom hear a 12 stringed acoustic guitar play jazz.

Within the next few weeks Marty mixed it and I gave him the OK to master the recording and it has been sitting on my shelf since then.
Since the Pandemic I haven’t been able get back in the studios to record again, so I searched my files to see what I have that can be re-mastered and released.. What you are listening to are compositions I wrote between 1976 and 1995.

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