Looking Out Looking In

2011 Rekonstrukt Records


1. Looking Out 13:43
2. Looking In 7:2
3. Looking Out Again 7:03
4. Looking In Again 7:17
5. Looking Out Again and Again 11:27
6. Looking In Again and Again 10:
7. Looking Out Looking Out 5:22

Dom Minasi-Carlo Greco Custom L5 guitar, Polytone Amp, NanoVerb. D’Andrea Custom Guitar Picks and D’Addario Guitar Strings 13’s

Produced by Dom Minasi

Recorded at Studio 104 New York City, July 14th, 15th, & 16th 2011. Mixed and Mastered by Dom Minasi

For the last few years, friend and musicians alike have been urging me to record a solo album. I kept saying, no one wants to hear a solo free form guitar record; most of them are noisemakers or repetitive or just plain boring.

I held off for quite some time when I started to think about it. My first question to myself was; how do I not make it boring and repetitive?

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I decided to record one or two pieces a day. This way I could stay fresh in my playing. So each day, without warming up, I recorded two pieces.

My next question was; should it all be outside playing? Again, that could be boring too. I decided to record one outside piece and one inside tonal piece a day.

There is no written music. This is sheer improvisation. What you hear is the results of three days of recording.