Dominic Duval/ Michael Jefry Stevens Quintet

Track 8
Fire II
D. Minasi D.O.M. Pub. ASCAP

"After many ventures into the studio this was the first recording that actually ended up on a label (Leo), and was released. Bassist Dominic Duval, put this group together along with Michael Jefry Stevens, Jay Rosen, Mark Whitecage and myself....Of course, like all record dates, there were some problems. The engineer insisted I play through an amp but I wanted to go direct.  Needless to say, I could hardly hear myself throughout the date...he couldn't get the headphone mix right, so it was a difficult situation to play in. When it was mixed, I was surprised I played as well as I did...The great part was playing with Mark Whitecage. In my estimation he is one of the living greats."