"Improvising musicians all pay lip service to the idea of working without a net, but most end up building safety precautions—no matter how slight or subtle they may be—into their work. Dom Minasi, however, isn't one of those musicians. The indefatigable guitarist has no interest in sonic safeguards or insurance. He's a law unto himself, creating music that speaks to his intelligence, fearlessness, and mischievous nature...."
Dan Bilawsky-AllAboutJazz.com_

"To describe him adequately, one would need a new vocabulary...(just as) he is creating a new vocabulary on the guitar."
Ron Sweetman-Coda Magazine

Guitarist Dom Minasi is a native New Yorker and part of New York City's illustrious Downtown Scene. An innovator in the field of improvisational Jazz, Dom wears many hats: musician, composer, arranger, educator, author, producer and owner and president of CDM Records, an independent record label.



Dom Minasi – Guitar
Juampy Juarez – Guitar

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